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MBS China Wins 2013 Outstanding Contribution Award
MBS wins the most influential MBA brand in China
GEMBA Launched and HR Forum Held in Shanghai
Project Management Workshop Taster by Prof. Philip Baylis
Accounting Workshop Taster by Dr. Martin Bennett
Strategic Management Workshop Taster by Prof. Bob Vass
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China Economic Review Interview
China Daily Report: UK business school expands horizons for nation's students
WhichMBA Interviewed Prof. Elaine Ferneley and Prof. Bob Vass
MBS upcoming events
Strategic Management Workshop Taster by Prof. Bob Vass
On 15 October, 2013, Manchester Business School China Centre offered an open class on Strategic Management at new China Centre in Shanghai. More than 30 company executives and managers attended the class.

The class was delivered by Prof. Bob Vass, who is Module Coordinator at MBS Worldwide. He is a popular workshop director of the Strategic Management and Management Accounting Module of Part-time MBA programmes in Manchester Business School over 17 years. He has profound experience in teaching business executives internationally. Prof. Vass is also a consultant with over thirty years’ experience of working with major UK companies, small start-up businesses and, over the past decade, he has consulted extensively in the dynamic transformation of business in Western Europe.

In this open class, Prof. Bob Vass gave a broad view on strategy with practical and interesting illustrations. Such as “how to choose your mate?” and the case of Winchester mysterious house, instead of approaching the case generally, Prof. Vass provided a unique angle to view these issues with applying the concept of strategy management. All these problems become straight forward. With these theories, the audience found that lots of questions puzzled them are easy to solve.

During the class, Prof. Bob Vass also commented that all the strategy management models are just the strategic analysis tools, to manage a company requires a whole bunch of quality, you cannot judge the failure and success of a company for only one dimension, the failure of the company cannot make the strategy management model worthless, instead, it serves the function that help the management to know their organization better.
Sherry Fu, Director of Manchester Business School China Centre attended the class, and introduced the audience to Manchester Business China Centre and the Global MBA Programme. The class content taught at this time is just one part of Manchester Business School Global MBA Strategic Management module.

Manchester Business School is one of the first business schools in the UK and becomes a global leading business education provider after nearly 50 years development. MBS China Centre which was launched in 2008 is committed to provide world-class business education opportunities to the Chinese people, continuously making contribution to the society and development of regional education.

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