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Do’s & Don’ts of Achieving Business Success in China
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Do’s & Don’ts of Achieving Business Success in China

On 9th April, 2013, Manchester Business School China Center and China Economic Review co-hosteda session of businesstraining for 40 company executives and working professionals, mainly from international companies.

The Topic is focused on how to achieve business success in China. Because many companies come to China with high expectations of capturing a share of China’senormous market opportunities, yet some have concretely experienced challenges from China’s business practices and hence they are now seeking to straighten things out in China.

Unfortunately, following the business patterns that work back home is not the right solutionin most cases. Namely, in addition to cultural issues, a developing economy thatopened up to the rest of the world no more than 30 years ago is engaged in businesspractices that are simply different, sometimes even strange compared to the markets indeveloped countries.

C.J. Ng, a world-class sales force effectiveness (SFE),leadership and strategic thinking expert was invited to present and speak about “Do’s & Don’ts of Achieving Business Success in China”. Heoffered an important lesson to be learnt, when you grow your business inChina.The speech is provokingly inspiring and brought many thinking and introspection by the audience on how to improve their strategy, operation and adapt better to Chinese market.

Marketing team of Manchester Business School China Center also attended the event and made introduction to the audience about China Center and Global MBA program.

Manchester business school is one of the first business schools in the UK and becomes a global leading business education provider after nearly 50 years development. MBS China centre which was launched in 2008 is committed to provide world-class business education opportunities to the Chinese people, continuously making contribution to the society and development of regional education.

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