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Season's Greetings from China Centre
Double Awards Won at China Outstanding Educators and Education Award Ceremony
Manchester Business School Wins Most Influential MBA Award 2016
China Centre wins Linkedin Award - Best Marketing Effect 2016
Manchester Business School receives “Most Influential MBA Brand in China 2016”
The University of Manchester China Centre Inauguration Ceremony
The Official Establishment of the University of Manchester Alumni Association Shanghai
China Centre Supports British Business Awards
Automobile Industry Talk with Alumni
Renmin - Manchester Global MBA Introductory Session
Online Webinar on Marketing
International Business by Prof. Charles Schell
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management by Dr. Leigh Wharton
Viral Marketing Lecture by Prof. Elaine Ferneley
Supply Chain Management by Dr. Antony Potter
Operations Management by Mr. Paul Taaffe
B2B Marketing by Prof. Peter Naudé
Alumni sharing on Complex Sales Strategy and Practice
Alumnus speaks on Mid-Age Career Development
In Conversation with Professor Khalid Nadvi
Global Careers Manager Ruth Mountain talk in Shanghai
MBA Alumnus Damir Kazykhanov talked on Global Innovation at China Centre
First UoM China Women in Leadership Forum on female Entrepreneurship
UoM Beijing Alumni Gathering – Celebration of Inauguration of UoM China Centre
China Centre alumni healthcare club industry sharing
In Conversation with Stuart Hyde at China Centre
Dr. Phil Galvin visited China Centre and met with alumni
Breakfast Networking Session
MBS Alumni Autumn Networking Reception
Leadership Forum - Session 4
Tips for Start-ups on Fundraising and Valuation
Decoding Innovation from Israel
Professor Stuart Hyde, Deputy Head at Alliance Manchester Business School speak to Shanghai Daily on Innovation
Prof. Elaine Ferneley, Global & MBA Director interviewed by Tecent
Sherry Fu talks about Manchester MBA as a truly Global programme for international talents
Dorothy Huang joined the team as Student Support Officer
Events in Centre
MBS Alumni Autumn Networking Reception

Joining us were two great speakers – Timo Lei, Head of China/Managing Director, China Capital Markets and Corporate Services from PWC, to talk about Chinese entrepreneurs. He is one of our senior alumni from MBS back in Manchester. He was already involved in our previous alumni event, giving tips for start-ups on fundraising and valuation, which received highly positive feedback. The other guest speaker is Shirley Lei, Founder of Zenith Advisory, to talk about international business etiquette and comparative culture. She didn’t give a long theory but cited Timo Lei as a good example of how to manage our personal goal, personal branding and present.

The speeches were followed up by five quiz, covering topics on the China Centre, Shanghai and Chinese companies. In the meantime, winners were also able to introduce themselves and communicate briefly on their individual expertise.

The previous programs warmed up the event, enabling all the attendees to immediately find who to begin with during the free mingle time. Snacks and drinks were provided throughout the event. Wines were also offered as well. Our alumni were so excited to grasp the chances to talk to both alumni from other centres and speakers that the whole event was not finished until 10.30pm.

Full time students fed back that this event gave them a chance to walk out of the classroom, and engage with the local alumni to know more about what’s happening in China. One Global MBA student from overseas centre fed back that during that night he made at least four new overseas friends. Our China Centre alumni also fed back that it enabled them a chance to make friends from overseas centres. A transnational communication adds value to all alumni from across the world, enhancing what they’ve all learnt from the classes and sparkling new and innovative ideas.

Group photo was shared to all participants, to memorize this special gathering @China Centre. 

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