Director's Message

Being the time of the year with the most energy and vigour, Spring is the season of my personal favourite, for the weather, the green but also the vibrance our students bring to the Centre - it is the MBA peak workshop season. I would like to welcome students, current and new to immerse yourself in the study experience in China Centre. Also to thank all our support staff for a job well done!


Coming up is the Labour Day break and also the 7th Asia Business School Desert Challenge, which will be launched in inner-Mongolia over the break. It is a tough test of strength, speed and determination. With all our MBAs successfully finished the 3-day 70km desert hike winning the top 'ShaOu' prize last year, we wish them the best of luck and a proud return!


Looking back ten years, the Centre was founded in 2008. That makes 2018 the most important and soon most memorable year for us. 10 years ago, as the Business School's overseas arm, the Centre was founded. I was lucky enough to be the founding Director. 10 years on, we have successfully helped increase awareness of the University in China, established partnerships with institutions and corporates and most importantly brought to local professionals blended-learning programmes of Manchester quality. Proudly adding to the portfolio, will be a selection of Masters Programme and a short-term credit-bearing management and leadership programme, to better assist our future students with personal and career development.


To celebrate the occasion , I would like to invite our students and alumni to join me for our big 10th anniversary celebration in September.


We hope to turn our birthday into an event where you share the best memory of Manchester with friends and MBA colleagues.


Sherry Fu

China Centre Director

GMBA Students Attend Workshops in Manchester

With elective courses being delivered across international centres for Global MBA students this March and April, many have chosen to study at the home Campus in Manchester. In addition to academic challenges, the MBAs also enjoyed the culture, history, architect and social life the experience had to offer. 

Photo credits: Stella Qian (Jan 2017, GMBA)

China Centre Celebrating 10th anniversary

Established in 2008 as an overseas presence of Manchester Business School, on 25th September 2016 China Centre was the first overseas centre to be re-opened as The University of Manchester (UMW) China Centre by Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell, President and Vice-Chancellor of the University. After 10 years of endeavour, China Centre will continue its commitment, serving the University of Manchester's international strategy and further exerting its influence in China. In celebration of our 10th anniversary, a series of events will be laucnhed including a  celebration dinner this September! 

Dubai Economy and Culture Talk

On 22nd April, Michelle Ma, AMBS MBA Alumnus, a manager of a famous commercial bank with 4 years working experience in Dubai, offered to share with alumni her experience and prospectives  on the economy and culture of Dubai. To ease in and familiarize alumni with Dubai, Michelle started her introduction with showing Dubai’s tourism icons such as Dubai Tower, Jalor hotel and its bright sun, beautiful beach, large shopping centers and luxurious hotels. 

Then Michelle analyzed Dubai’s economic ties with China especially when Dubai is one of the most important city of China's "the Belt and Road Initiative” and China continue to maintain its largest trade country of Dubai in 2017. Particularly, Michelle helped to unveil the mysterious city in Middle East to audience and talked about how to look at this finance and economy center and the richest city in the Middle East Region, the "trade center" of Middle East and South Africa, and the host city of world expo 2020. During the Q&A sessions, questions were raised around topics such as unbalanced sex ratio at workplaces, religious influence in everyday life and culture shocks Chinese might face in Dubai.

China Centre Meets Prospective Students in West China

Our GMBA students come from cities all across China, in addition to Shanghai, Beijing, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hubei and Fujian, a significant number of students come from cities in West China. On  20th and 21st April, centre staff traveled to Chengdu and Chongqin respectively to meet our candidates and applicants. Coming up this May, there will be a series of Information Session and Face-to-Face counseling sessions to be held in Wuhan, Hangzhou and Nanjing. Information can be found on centre website.

International Woman's Day Afternoon Tea

On 8th Mar, China Centre hosted a relaxing afternoon session with current students, alumni and interested future MBA students to join. We were excited to have Ms. Flora Wang, Senior VP in Global Capital Market of JLL to share her story being a career women taking leadership role in a global enterprise while being a mother of three. Invited guest speak also includes, Dr. Aoni Xie from SinoUnited Health to share a talk on female health. 

Attending the session, there were several current students and alumni who also joined the speaker to share their stories.  Janis Shan Global MBA July 2016 intake and Wenhan who studied her Masters at AMBS were excited about sharing their connection to the University with the audience.

Global MBA Information Session in Beijing

As we reach the busiest time for applications for July 2018 GMBA, China Centre hosted various Information Sessions all across China including several in Beijing. On 17th Mar, we were glad to have invited Ms. Annie Yang Jing, our Jan 2017 intake GMBA student for a sharing session. Annie has over 20 years' work experience in B2B marketing in IT industry with both Global 4A marketing agency and in in-house. The session was not only casual but also insightful.

Jan 2018 intake Global MBA Induction

On 10th Jan 2017, the new intake of Manchester Global MBA students received a warm welcome to start their 2-year MBA journey at The University of Manchester China Centre in Shanghai. The induction session was hosted by Ms. Sherry Fu, UoM China Centre Director. Joining Sherry were Dr, Jiyao Xun, Associate MBA Director and members of the student support team. The cohort comprised of students coming from diverse backgrounds with average experience of 8-15 years’ experience, including finance, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and consulting. 

The 24 months programme will further transform these experienced professionals and assist them in achieving their next career goals. As a mature internationally reputable MBA programme, the Manchester Global MBA programme attracts students from multi-national companies, such as Astrazeneca, Maersk, Lego, Roche, Siemens, SAIC Motor and etc.

In this fast-paced commercial world, competition does not come from within industries but also come globally. The pursuit of MBA is a decision taking students a step towards career enhancement and realization of personal goals.

“In 2018, we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of China Centre. During the past 10 years, we have had the honor to be the home centre of over 1000 Global MBA alumni and students, at the same time having become the 2nd largest UoM overseas centre. We are proud of our students and alumni who have made great achievements in their career via MBA education. I hope you can take the most out of this prestigious MBA programme” Said China Centre Director Ms. Sherry Fu.

 “Learning by doing” has been at the heart of Manchester Global MBA. Academic integrity has always given first priority. Dr. Jiyao Xun delivered a talk to prepare the students with the expected Academic Code of Conduct throughout the duration of the programme.

After the induction session, students will immerse themselves in Business Simulation to get a flavor of actual business competition from Day 1 of their 1st semester of MBA journey. Managing & Leading in a Global Environment will then follow them offering a macro perspective of real business world.

Manchester Global MBA programme has over 60,000 alums from 176 countries and very diverse backgrounds. During the programme, students will have the option to study in our global locations in San Paulo, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Manchester and Washington D.C. It is a genuine platform of creating a global network.

The University of Manchester China Centre was first established in 2008. It will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year. On 25th September 2016, the Centre was officially reopened as UoM China Centre by Professor Nancy Rothwell, President and Vice-Chancellor of the University. Currently the Manchester Global MBA is the main programme being delivered in the Centre.  Various partnerships have been formed with local and international institutions.  In addition to the jointly delivered programmed with Shanghai Tong Ji University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, strategic alliances have been formed with Ren Min Business School and Kelley School of Business, The University of Indiana to launch jointly delivered international MBA programmes.

Global MBA Taster on Venture Capital & Private Equity

Venture capital and Private Equity are two types of funds that are very popular with funding new technologies, start-up companies. Investors of this type are gaining much attention with companies invested in acquiring exposure and market success. On Wednesday 18th April, Mr. Jan Gregory deivers an introductory talk to students and interested MBA applicants the on underlying mechanism, the pros and cons of being funded by Venture Capital or Private Equity.

Global MBA Open Class on Meso-data

On Monday 16th April, introducing meso-data as data with  memory  and emotions, Prof. Patrick McNutt discussed  the phenomenon of 'onsumers' - a  new  word to describe  online consumers.  Algorithms track and capture onsumer behavioural patterns. Data with memory and emotions goes beyond individual choice. Building on a series of anecdotes from behavioural economics Patrick presented a critical review of data patterns using game theory in an attempt to also define a smart strategy for business.

Global MBA Taster on Strategic Management

On Tuesday 23rd Jan, Manchester Global MBA July 2018 intake welcomed its first Taster session on Strategic Management. As Jan 2018 intake students finish induction and start their Manchester MBA journey, China Centre invited Ms. Irene Roele, experienced strategy consultant, researcher and academic at Alliance Manchester Business School.

Strategic Management has been an ongoing theme of Manchester MBA programmes. Ms. Irene Roele introduced the basic framework of the course delivered on the Global MBA programme. It was be a perfect opportunity for students and interested candidates to have an insight into the course. 

Global MBA Taster on Operationalising and Communicating Value

On Tuesday, 20th March,  Manchester Global MBA team had an interactive session running on the study of Operations and Marketing. The session was delivered by Mr. Antony Paulraj, who has extensive experience in Operations with research interests in the areas of sustainability, supply chain management, strategic supply management, supply chain innovation, and inter-organizational systems.



Global MBA Taster on Managerial Economics

How do companies form business Strategies? What do business strategies constitute of? What are the economic reasoning behind every market decision by firms?  On Tuesday, 13th March, Economics Academic and Strategy Consultant Paul Patton offered to China Centre students and prospective students a taster session with real case studies of the Managerial Economics focusing on the following aspects: Elasticity as a strategic variable; Cost leadership as a strategic tool; Game theory as a strategic weapon.

Continue Study Club Event: China Economy

On 22nd April, China Centre Continue Study Club invited Dr. Chen Dafei, previously a visiting scholar at the University of Manchester, to deliver a talk on the very hot topic of short-term challenges and long-term difficulties of China's economic development. More than 70 alumni and students attended the talk. Dr. Chen first analyzed financial risks and structural deleveraging in its logic and method. Then he explored the trade friction between America and China focusing on its cause, confrontation and prospect. 

He particularly looked at Chinese currency’s exchange rate and call it as a smokeless "currency war". To finish the 3-hour session, Dr. Chen briefed on disappearing demographic dividend and its impact on China's economy. During the Q&A session, alumni expressed their concerns regarding the ongoing Sino-US trade war and relevant impact on them as Chinese residents and businessmen.

Career Development Series: Breakfast social with friends old and new

On 22nd April, to connect new students with senior alumni, a Sunday breakfast social was held at the University of Manchester China Centre. The workshop tutor Professor Oswaldo Lorenzo and more than 10 workshop starters and alumni from different industries such as healthcare, HR, marketing, finance etc presented the mixer. The networking session began at 8:30am, thirty minutes before the workshop to make it convenient and feasible for workshop attendants. 

While being so early on a weekend morning, alumni arrived on time to spend a quality half hour sharing their experience, answering questions about company, sector and personal journey. The short and yet condensed session provided golden opportunities for GMBA starters to get first-hand feedback from seniors on how the programme would progress and what kind of preparations are recommended to take.

Career Development Series: Company visit to Guan Sheng Yuan Group and Alumni Mixer

On 18th April, a group of more than 20 students and alumni visited Guan Sheng Yuan Group Internet and Finance Park (“GSY Park”), which occupies 12,000 square meters in central Shanghai. The GSY Park, originally the headquarter site for the Guan Sheng Yuan Group, now mainly provides free community space for the public and incubation sites for start-ups in areas such as internet, finance, and innovation.


As part of the China Centre career development series, this company visit was organized by the University of Manchester China Centre and Shanghai Overseas Returned Scholars Association University of Manchester Alumni Association. Ms. Sherry Fu, China Centre director led the visit.

Mr. Xiaoxian Zhen, Manager in charge of innovation cooperation at the GSY Park first introduced the development and culture of the company. 

Then, the site tour began with a visit to its incubation zone where a few selected start-ups got to use the office space for free.  Two start-ups based at the GSY Group, Mingxiao Circle, which strives to promote and raise awareness of traditional Chinese culture, and Dijie Technology, which aims to invent and create products that is user-friendly, time-efficient and economically feasible, introduced themselves to the students and alumni group.

Conversations revolved around how to sustainably develop start-ups especially when funds are getting more and more difficult to acquire. With a strong business background, students and alumni applied knowledge learned in class to real life challenges the start-ups face.


Healthcare Club Event: A brief discussion on Chinese pharma market

On 23rd Mar., the China Centre Healthcare Club has invite Audrey Lu (AMBS GMBA alumnus), Hongwei Zhao (AMBS  MBA Alumnus) and Pan Wei to give us a brief discussion on 1) the ‘two invoice systems’ in pharma distribution; 2) policy change and trend analysis on Tendering; and 3) solutions exploration on “2nd price negotiation & hospital sales volume control”. Alumni from healthcare sector gathered for knowledge sharing. The three-hour sharing was information-packed and followed clear and logical orders, respectively. 

For instance, Audrey Lu, speaker on the topic of  the ‘two invoice systems’ in pharma distribution first talked about how the State Council has released system rules and policy such as the “two-invoice system” for pharmaceutical distribution that will roll out nationwide in 2018. Then Audrey explained the rules to fill up background information by listing the content and context of rules: the rules will allow a maximum of two invoices between a manufacturer and hospital- each manufacturer will sell to a distributor and that distributor will sell directly to hospitals, eliminating multi-tiered distribution, and will impact all segments in the healthcare industry value chain, to various extends. Audrey also shared general expectation and consequences of actions that all levels of governments will make full efforts to implement the “two-invoice system”, and strengthen the monitoring over the market in order to meet the two-invoice system’s requirements in the short-term. In the end, comments were exchanged that companies which cannot meet the two-invoice system’s requirements will be squeezed out form the market.

Kids Club Event: Learn English from board games

On 18th Mar., China Centre kids club welcomed its second club event this year on Early Age Reading in English. Ivy Yang, an AMBS GMBA alumnus, a mom of a 5-year old boy, and an advocate for early childhood English learning via board games, drawing books and other fun teaching tools delivered an interactive sharing session.  Alumni parents and kids engaged in various ice-breaking board games. 

Ivy taught the rules first and left dads to play with kids while she presented to moms thorough theoretical explanations behind early childhood English learning for non-native speaking families.  Heated discussion revolved around whether usage of vocabulary, ways of thinking, and pronunciation matters and which factor matters most. Parents also shared their own experiences and advice on English education for preschoolers. 

Continue Study Club Event: Innovation-Driven Start-Ups Session Two

On 18th Mar., Allen Mao, an AMBS alumnus and the founder of China Centre continue study club, delivered Session Two of Innovation-Driven Start-Ups, continuing the discussion on how to best utilize the innovative spirit in a start-up. In particular, he adapted Sun Tzu's military strategies or the art of war in the business setting creatively. The art of war is an ancient Chinese military treatise dating from the Spring and Autumn period attributed to the ancient Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu.

While known by every Chinese, not many have actually read or understood its language and wisdom. First Allen briefed on what the book actually says and then Allen shared with audience whether and how Sun Tzu's military strategies could be used to create business competitive advantages under VUCA time. During the Q&A session, alumni expressed their concerns regarding applying certain rules at work and shared their previous experiences.  

Alumni Career Development series: IET visit

On 5th Feb, Bejing-based alumni visited IET (the Institution of Engineering and Technology) at its China office in central Beijing.  The company visit was organised by the University of Manchester China Centre and led by Ms. Sherry Fu, China Centre director. Mr. Wei Du, Manager at IET China office, a GMBA alumnus and an active member in the Beijing alumni community, introduced the institution by sharing its mission: to inspire, inform, influence and impact the global engineering community, supporting technology innovation to meet the needs of society. Throughout the 3-hour sharing, alumni from SAP, ALSTOM and consulting firms were delighted to see much potential for future cooperation.

WRSA UK Chapter Chinese New Year Party

On 3rd Feb, in celebration of Chinese New Year, the Western Returned Scholars Association Overseas-educated Scholars Association of China UK Chapter organized 2018 New Year Gala at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Co-hosts include the University of Manchester alumni association. Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor (current Chief Executive of Hong Kong), Tieniu Tan (vice President of SORSA), Pijun Wang (Secretary of Party Committeeof SORSA), Carma Elliot (director China at British Council) and other distinguished guests celebrated this special occasion with more than 400 returned scholars from the UK. With good company, food, performances and prizes, a great evening provided opportunities for UoM alumni and UMW China Centre Director Sherry Fu to mingle with friends old and new from other UK universities.

Kids Club Event: Chinese Culture Sharing in Celebration of Spring Festival

In the morning of Saturday, 27th Jan., China Centre kids club welcomed its first offline event in celebration of the upcoming Chinese New Year. Jenfay Yang, an AMBS alumnus and the founder of China Centre Kids club, welcomed registered families by showing the video of President Donald Trump’s granddaughter Arabella’s greeting to China's President and First Lady in fluent and perfect Mandarin, followed by her singing and reciting ancient Chinese poetry in Mandarin. 

Commenting on the video which recently went viral in China, Jenfay expressed her sincere wishes for alumni offspring to learn more about Chinese culture and hence she coordinates with the local academy of classic learning to provide a platform for kids to appreciate the beauty of Chinese arts.

During the 3-hour session, alumni and their kids first learned together one traditional Chinese folk song about the country's beautiful landscapes and another song highlighting the importance of education with one line 'with no education, there'd be aberration. To teach well, you deeply dwell.’ Lyrics were explained in easy language and illustrated through hand gestures for younger kids to interperate and understand.

The group then moved onto a poetry performance, reciting ancient Chinese poems with enthusiasm and energy. In addition, the group recited lines from the Three Character Classic, a historical Chinese text written in the 13th century. The teacher focused on the first few verses of the text, stating one of the core Confucian values that human nature is, above all else, good. The teacher also taught the group how to write the character “Fu” in a reverse order on red calligraphy paper, which translate to ‘happiness is here’ and is traditionally hang on doors celebration of Chinese New Year.

Continue Study Club Event: Innovation-Driven Start-Ups Session One

On 20th Jan, Allen Mao, an AMBS alumnus and the founder of China Centre continue study club, was invited to share with audience his views on what innovation-driven start-ups ought to be considering in everyday management. Having started a company himself, Allen analyzed existing start-up types and step-by-step start-up processes and carefully illustrated through examples and case studies that start-ups are in great need of innovations at all preparation, incubation, illumination, and verification stages. 

During the Q&A session, alumni who have either started their own companies or thinking of starting one raised questions, revolving around topics such as challenges faced at innovation-driven start-ups and methods of solutions. In March, innovation-driven start-ups session two will be running and continue the discussion on how to best utilize the innovative spirit in a start-up.

Marketing Club Event: Omnichannel Marketing for Brand Commitment

On 13th Jan., at Mcloud China Centre welcomed its first club event in 2018 on Omnichannel Marketing for Brand Commitment, where intensive discussion revolves around how to integrate traditional and digital media and experience to create seamless and consistent customer experience. Invited speakers were Mr. Eric Weng, AMBS GMBA Alumnus and Managing Director of Carat China; Mr. Paul Lin, Chief Strategy Officer at OMD; and Ms. Aileen Wei, AMBS GMBA Alumnus, General Manager at S² Digital of SINObase Group.

Based on the recent book MARKETING 4.0 by Philip Kotler, speakers talked about how omnichannel marketing is brought to a new level of definition: people constantly move from one channel to another – from online to offline and vice versa, and expect a seamless and consistent experience without a noticeable disconnect. In the digital era, customers have become increasingly mobile and channel-agnostic and therefore speakers encouraged attending audience and their organizations to break channel silos and unify their goals and strategies.


Alumni and students from advertising, marketing and interested industries shared during the Q&A session their practice and views on the trends and technologies which will enable omnichannel marketing into mainstream practice for the brand to drive customers into making the commitment to purchase. 

China Centre Features in China Daily

On 31st Jan, Ms. Theresa May arrived in Wuhan for her state visit to China. The University of Manchester President and Vice Chancellor Prof. Dame Nancy Rothwell joined UK Prime Minister’s delegates of over 50 business and education leaders during her China visit. Among the delegates with Dame Nancy were members representing businesses such as BP, HSBC, Inmarsat, Standard Chartered, Sirius Minerals, Standard Life Aberdeen, AstraZeneca and the London Stock Exchange Group. China centre took part in a series of activities showcasing the University and its commitment to China.

Jan 2018 GMBA Induction features on

The Jan 2018 intake welcomed students from a combination of backgrounds. Retail, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Engineering has continued to be some of the top industries backgrounds student come from. The induction were hosted by China Centre Direction Ms. Sherry Fu.  Dr, Jiyao Xun, Associate MBA Director and members of the student support team also delivered talks covering important aspect of the MBA course.

2018 MBA Ranking highlighted on

The Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2018 positions AMBS at 4th in the UK, 10th in Europe and 36th Globally. Candidates have chosen Manchester for quality of education, strong industry and alumni network, a chance for higher salary in return and global exposure. China Centre continues to strive in the provision of top experience to students from within and beyond the region. The news was shared in Chinese business school media by the Centre.

Events in May
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Kelley-Manchester GMBA InfoSession Friday, 25th May China Centre Register 
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