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Message from China Director
MBS presented at "Dubai Week in China"
Manchester-Tongji New Students Gathering
UoM QA Team visits MBS China Partners
MBS China students in Live financial TV show
MBS China Director Launched new book at Columbia and Harvard
GEMBA residential workshop successfully held At Dubai Centre
GEMBA Thought Leaders’ Talk - Human Energy Management
Open Lecture: Marketing to China’s Generation Y by Brian J. Schwarz
GEMBA Thought Leaders’ Talk - Government Relations
International Women’s Day Open Lecture: Find Your Perfect Balance
Phil Roebuck speaks about The City of Manchester
People Management & Organisation by Dr. Martin Corbett
Operations Management by Professor Paul Taaffe
Negotiation Skills and Selling Strategy by Professor Malcolm Smith
China Centre Supported Peter Thiel's Talk in Shanghai as Exclusive Academic Partner
How does Ancient Wisdom influence Morden Success presented by Peter Mörtl
Sherry Fu’s feature story in Ftimes Dialogue Interviewed Sherry Fu and Randa Bessiso
Shanghai Daily Reported MBS Shanghai and Dubai Centre
Professor Cliff Mitchell speaks about Strategic Project Management in Global Business
China Centre Staff Annoucement
Events in June & July 2015
How does Ancient Wisdom influence Morden Success presented by Peter Mörtl
Peter Mörtl has a very successful business and happy life. In 2007 he got a book called The Diamond Cutter By Geshe Michael Roach and practiced the principles of the book which are originally from Asian ancient wisdom to get everything he wants in his life. He travels around world to share and coach people with these simple but deep principles which radically changed attendee’s life.

We were very lucky to invite Peter to delivery a talk for around 38 students and alumni in MBS China Centre on 26th May. He used a pen to start his talk. it’s a pen for human while it’s a chew toy for dog. The same thing can be different for observers. the thing does not exist by itself. It depends on who is looking at it. we have different experience from the same thing or person. Everything comes from the seed in our mind. Can we change it? yes! Otherwise it’s hopeless for people have to be forced to experience anything. and then how can we change the seeds in our mind to experience a better life? Students and alumni were very inspired by his talk.
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