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MBS China Global MBA Students Won Global Tower Building Contest

On 15th January, 2013, the induction of the MBS Jan 2013 intake for China Centre was held, along with this great event, a “Tower Building Contest” began in all seven MBS International Centers.

The new cohort totally has 63 students and they were randomly divided into 9 groups, each group has 6 members. According to the rule, the groups were requested to build tower with newspaper, scissors and scotch tape in a very limited period of time. The tower should be strong enough to stand and can even hold an orange on top of it. The group who build the highest tower will be the winner.

These 63 students don’t know each other before, in a short time, they must choose a group leader, the leader should assign tasks and correct any mistakes made by members.

When time is up, each group should send a representative to make a speech, introducing the meaning of the tower and the creativity behind it and talking about the experiences of doing this.

Finally, a China group became the winner, the group members are: Michael LEE, Xiaosheng FENG, Kevin DONG, Iris SUN, Bin WANG, Yury YU and Haojiong ZHANG. They built a 3.8 meters tower!

When talking about the experience, they emphasized the importance of setting a clear goal and make reasonable and feasible plan, all members must work hard toward a common goal to win.

09th March, Sherry Fu, Director of MBS China Center presented trophy to this winning team. Sherry encouraged students to keep striving in the coming MBA journey.

During the speech, she said that this is absolutelynot just a game, but a miniature of MBA class and real world business situation. Through the learning journey of Global MBA program, each course will require team work. Each member of the team will have special role to play, work innovatively and cooperate seamlessly to ensure a successfulgroup project. This creative way of learning enhances students’ participation and cooperation, encouraging innovation and inspiring creative thinking to solve real world problem. This is exactly what we mean by“Original Thinking Applied”.


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