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MBS Global EMBA Thought Leaders Talk Series: “Corporate Innovation” Presented by Peter Harris
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MBS Global EMBA Thought Leaders Talk Series: “Marketing at the Big Data Era” Presented by Patrick Pun, Chariman and CEO, NCG
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MBS Global EMBA Thought Leaders Talk Series: “Marketing at the Big Data Era” Presented by Patrick Pun, Chariman and CEO, NCG
On the 8th of May, MBS China invited Patrick Pun, Chairman and CEO of NCG to talk about marketing at the Big Data Era.

Before Joining NCG, Patrick used to be Executive Vice President of APAC at Monster Venture Partners LLC, US. He was also GM of GMI Inc., US and was in charge of Greater China area. Patrick also held key positions with Heineken, Jardine Caldbecks and Hong Kong Trade Development Council in his career path. He is a member of ESOMAR (European Society of Opinion and Marketing Research) and CMRA (China Marketing Research Association) and has MBA degree from University of Calgary, Canada, and BA from Shanghai Theater Academy, China.

Everyone is dealing with data in our daily life, and we are all part of it. There are millions of apps available to keep us occupied, and with a smart phone, we can almost do anything and everything. Research shows that almost 600 million people are using webchat, which means almost one out of two people in China are in this big data. No matter if you are aware of it or not, the Big Data Era is here, and we are all contributing greatly to it.

If you would like to succeed in this big data era, Patrick pointed out, you can’t do the traditional Chinese leadership style, and judge the situation by your personal “feelings”. You must know how to collect data and analyze it. Patrick used some well-known social events as examples to illustrate why big data analysis is important. For example Oscars, professional level football games, social entertainment TV programme like “I am a singer”, their success is based on accurate data analysis. And not only big data is valued in the entertainment industry, politicians and business people also can’t ignore the major influence of it. Patrick said, for business, data is the foundation of marketing, it drives marketing to be more strategic.

At the end of his presentation, Patrick introduced a data APP named FIDEA, which can generate first-hand consumer data from all open platforms and utilize it through data analysis and mining.

Sherry Fu, Regional Director of Manchester Business School, closed the event with a question about Patrick’s MBA study experience. Patrick commented that this experience changed his career fundamentally. Not only he learned big picture of running a business, including functions like operation, finance, marketing, risk management which are all crucial knowledge for a leader, but also he established loads of useful contacts for his future career. It is something must to be considered by an ambitious business people.
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