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MBS China Centre welcomes Lord Wei

On 29 March, 2013, Manchester Business School China Centre welcomed a noble guest, Lord Wei.

Lord Wei, also known as Nat Wei or Baron Wei, is a social entrepreneur, interested in social reform, the youngest member of the House of Lordsand is the first British born person of Chinese origin in history to have become a member of it. He was previously an adviser to the UK Government on their Big Society project.

Sherry Fu, Director of Manchester Business School China Centre welcomed Lord Wei and introduced to Lord Wei about the activities and development of Manchester Business School China Centre.  Lord Wei is impressed with the achievement of MBS Chia centre to help China to cultivate many business talents with UK education.  And then Lord Wei gave a speechto students who were attending the MIBS workshop at the moment. He also shared with students about his own career experience and life stories.

In the evening, Lord Wei gave an inspiring speech and had dinner with University of Manchester Alumni. He talked about his past experiences as social entrepreneur and his futureefforts to help enhance economic and cultural communication between UK and China, especially linking Manchester and other UK cities with China.This will inspire many great opportunities for both parties.

As one Global MBA students said, “Lord Wei’s speech is so inspiring and enlightening, he himself is a shining example to let usthink more about how to help others, because with great ability, there comes great responsibility.”

Lord Wei’s next stop is Beijing, where he will attend University of Manchester Alumni Dinner on 13 April.

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