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MBS Global EMBA Thought Leaders Talk Series: “Corporate Innovation” Presented by Peter Harris
MBS is proudly sponsoring 2014 British Business Awards- Chinese Investor of the Year Award
Authentic Leadership: Why should anyone be led by you? Presented by Dil Sidgu at the British Chamber Event in Shanghai
MBS Global EMBA Thought Leaders Talk Series: “Marketing at the Big Data Era” Presented by Patrick Pun, Chariman and CEO, NCG
MBS: Information Sessions and Students Sharing
International Business Strategy Workshop Taster by Mr. Charles Schell
Cake made by Global MBA students presented to Angelina Jolie for her birthday
MBS China Centre Healthcare Club Team won third place of Siemens China MBA Healthcare Industry Business Innovation Competition
2014 ASIA-Pacific MBA Desert Challenge
MBS China TMT Club launched in Beijing
“China Education Online” Interviewed Sherry Fu, Regional Director of MBS China Centre
Upcoming Events for July 2014
MBS Global EMBA Thought Leaders Talk Series: “Corporate Innovation” Presented by Peter Harris
Follow the successful event, “Eight Steps of Lean Innovation, by Peter Harris. MBS Chine Centre invites Peter Harris to share his insights on the topic of innovation on the 24th of April 2014.

Peter Harris has extensive executive management, financial, operating and acquisitions experience. He was previously President, ARCO Chemical Asia-Pacific and directed business in China and Asia in excess of $1 billion per year. He also held senior executive and financial management positions in Atlantic Richfield and Sun Oil over a period of three decades and is currently a Senior Advisor to BDA, a private investment banking firm that advises on international mergers and acquisitions with offices in Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Bahrain, London and New York.

Peter explained in detail what his understanding of innovation is, as well as for some well-known successful business people like Steven Jobs and Sir Richard Branson, what innovation means to them. Why it is important to a company, how it can be learned, and how leadership is the key to innovation in a company. It is said “The problem is never how to get new, innovative thoughts into your mind, but how to get the old ones out.” This part highlighted the essence of Peter’s lecture of the night. Peter also emphasized some behavioral skills key to innovation: questioning, observing, networking and experimenting.

Some useful tips to people who would like to be a successful innovator: don’t be satisfied with status quo; be passionate to be the best; don’t be afraid to be a risk taker; do not dwell on failures; open up to new ideas; be persistent; be disciplined; last but not the least, be a good team player!

This event was only open to Global EMBA prospects. After Peter’s presentation, MBS China Centre Regional Director Sherry Fu introduced GEMBA programme to prospects and took questions from audience. She also mentioned how MBS Global EMBA is “innovative” itself. “The Reflective Manager” and “GEMBA+” module is very unique and makes us stand out from other EMBA programme. “The Reflective Manager” allows our students to reflect on, and critically assess the way they make decision, solve problems and manage complex situations. And “GEMBA+” will give extra-curricular value to our EMBA programme. From GEMBA+ activities, our students will be able to develop their global high level network, take one-to-one coaching given by global CEOs, enhance interpersonal skills and raise their personal profile globally.
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