Message from China Centre Director

In this hot summer, we welcomed 115 new Global MBA students to the UoM China Centre. The inductions for new students were successfully held  in Shanghai in the first two weeks in July.


The past few months have been an extraordinary journey for China Centre, for our staff and for myself personally.  Our students and alumni have performed exceptionally for APAC Business School Desert challenge by winning the top honor ‘Sha’Ou’ prize. Our alumni – led clubs and activities have been booming with regular topical forums, company visits, special guest talks and etc. We developed new strategic alliances  with Chongqing talent market and Sanpower, China’s leading MNC based in Nanjing.  The China Centre team have been also involved in 2 mainland CSR projects – ‘Bright Eye’ to help vision-impaired rural area children; and ‘Egg Walkathon’ to raise funds for under-privileged students in Shanghai. I was lucky enough to be selected for the 2nd time as BritCham’s Executive Committee member, to further exert influence of UoM in China. My 3rd book ‘Future Visual Diary’ co-edited with Dr. Xi Feng was published early this year by Zhejiang University Press and launched in Shanghai, Beijing and Changsha in June. Mostly, on behalf of China Centre staff, I would love to extend our sincere gratitude to all workshop tutors  who delivered open classes to inspire the eager minds for knowledge in the region.


We are soon celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Centre in the coming year. We are keen to hear about your stories and experience with Alliance Manchester Business School and the China Centre. Please do email your stories to We look forward to hearing from you!


Sherry Fu


China Centre, The University of Manchester

Manchester Global MBA July 2017 Induction

On 5th July 2017, the new intake of Manchester Global MBA students received a warm welcome to start their 2-year MBA journey at China Centre, Shanghai.  The cohort comprised of students coming from diverse nationalities, including Britain, China, Malaysia, South Korea and the Netherlands. Some companies represented include AstraZeneca, Henkel, Siemens, SAP, Pfizer, Unilever and etc.

The induction session was hosted by Ms. Sherry Fu, UoM China Centre Director. Joining Sherry were Dr, Jiyao Xun, Associate MBA Director and members of the student support team.

As a mature internationally reputable MBA programme, the Manchester Global MBA programme attracts students of different nationalities and from various regions, including students from the UK, the Netherlands, South Korea, Malaysia and regions in China such as Beijing, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Wuhan and etc. On average, the students share 8-15 years’ of experience among them. Many of them come from multi-national companies, such as AstraZeneca, Unilever, SAP, Henkel, Siemens and so on.

Manchester Business School China Centre was first established in 2008. It will celebrate its 10th anniversary next year. On 25th September 2016, the Centre was officially reopened as UoM China Centre by Professor Nancy Rothwell, President and Vice-Chancellor of the University. Various partnerships have been formed with local and international institutions.  In addition to the jointly delivered programmed with Shanghai Tong Ji University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, strategic alliances have been formed with Ren Min School of Business, Renmin University and Kelley School of Business, The University of Indiana to launch jointly delivered international MBA programmes.

 “Learning by doing” has been at the heart of Manchester Global MBA. Management teaching has been always built around practical studies. During the first year, students will start their MBA study by familiarizing with a comprehensive picture of the business word, and will be taking a journey to understand the main disciplines of Business Management. Over the second year students will be given the opportunity to choose optional courses during and further explore in relevant areas of management as well as to demonstrate their learning through handling a real-life project.

As an academically stringent institution, academic integrity has always given first priority. Dr. Jiyao Xun then moved on to preparing the students with the expected Academic Code of Conduct throughout the duration of the programme. Ms. Roya Zhang, Careers and External Relations Manager also explained to the students the resources that are available to students during and even after their MBA studies from local and the international network that The University of Manchester offers to students and alumni.

The overall induction session was the first face-to-face contact to prepare the MBA students for the challenges over the next 2 years. We wish them great many achievements to come during and after their MBA study! To find out about Manchester porgrammes, please visit  or contact 021- 6279 8660.


Tongji - Manchester Global MBA Induction
On 9th July, UoM China Centre welcomed the 8th intake of Tongji - Manchester Global MBA students. Starting from 2010, Manchester and Tongji have been contiously accepting students on the jointly delivered programme, drawing the strengths of both partners. The induction was opened by China centre Director Ms. Sherry Fu. Associate MBA Director from Tongji University Ms. Qin Xu, Associate MBA Director Dr. Jiyao Xun, MBS Student Support team and External Manager Ms. Roya Zhang welcome the new students.
UoM President Hosted Alumni Dinner in Beijing

On 12th June, Dame Nancy Rothwell, President and Vice Chancellor of UoM attended the China alumni gala dinner in Beijing. The dinner was supported by alumni volunteers. Over 200 alumni joined the dinner.

Dame Nancy Rothwell made the opening speech. She mentioned nearly half of the international alumni were from China and the number was increasing year on year. Most Chinese alumni came back to China, active in politics, business, academia etc.. She also mentioned that Manchester is one of the important cities in Northern England and the University of Manchester was top academic and research centers in this area. For example the National Graphene Institute (located in the UoM) already had closer collaborations with Chinese counterparts. Alumni were one of the key drivers for the development of the UoM. She encouraged our alumni to make higher achievements and became the ambassadors and bridge between the UoM and those in China.

Dr. Qian Ouyang, President of the UoM China Alumni Association, represented the China alumni to make a speech on the development of alumni and association in China. Sherry Fu, Director of the UoM China Centre also delivered a speech. As the founder of the China Centre, she looked back the development and major achievements made since its establishment in 2008. She also mentioned the SORSA UoM Alumni Association. Last year, Dame Nancy Rothwell visited Shanghai and announced the rename and launch of the UoM China Centre, showing the importance the UoM attached to China. The Centre would be endeavored to further collaborations in research and businesses, and would continuously support the alumni activities as usual.

Other distinguished guests from Manchester included Professor Martin Schroder (Vice-President and Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering and Professor of Chemistry), Professor Ian Greer (Vice-President and Dean of The University of Manchester's Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health), Sir Kostya Novoselov, Helen Archibald (Senior Officer of Alumni Office). 

Winning Asia Pacific Business School Desert Challenge

The Sixth Asia Pacific Business School Desert Challenge (Yashasai) was concluded satisfactorily after three days’ competition in the Teng Ko Erh desert. AMBS team composed of 24 students and alumni from China and Singapore Centre got 1st place among all the overseas business schools and was awarded the highest prize - Sha’Ou Trophy, a breakthrough for AMBS in this renowned Asian business school desert competition.  

Over 1800 MBA students and alumni from 81 business schools (including those from countries like Singapore, UK and Australia) joined the competition. Yashasai has gradually become one of the best-known outdoor sports among MBA alumni in Asia Pacific regions. Among all prizes, Shaou Trophy represents the highest honor. It requires every team member to walk through the desert (70 kilometers)in two days. Anyone who gives up for any reasons during the competition will lead to the failure of the whole team. 

This time, the Alliance Manchester Business School team was composed of 24 students and alumni, 21 from China Centre and 3 from the Singapore Centre. All the team members fought hard to conquer all difficulties in challenging the dessert. With a strong will, faith of success and team-work, every team member completed the competition safely and successfully. This is the first time our school got Shaou since participating in this competition for four years. Their hard work leads them to success as all team members have spent the whole year practicing and training every day to enhance their overall physical conditions. 

The People's Government of Alxa and the Yasha Organizing Committee jointly hosted the Chinese Foreign University President Forum – The first Chinese Sports Tourism Economic Development Summit. The forum was held the day before the competition and attracted government official, MBA alumni and some key Medias. Ms. Sherry Fu, Director of the UoM China Centre, was invited as a guest speaker and joined panel discussions. Ms. Fu represented the UoM China Centre to encourage AMBS tem to make their best in the competition at the welcome dinner.  

The final performance of the Alliance Manchester Business School team was in the 1st place among all the overseas business schools. This is not only the greatest encouragement for all team members, but also represents a good work-life-study balance practice by our MBA students and alumni. 

About Asia Pacific Business School Desert Challenge Yashasai

Asia Pacific Business School Desert Challenge Yashasai was a top outdoor sport among business schools from Asia Pacific regions. The first competition was held in 2012 in the Tengger Desert, Inner Mongolia. It has been successfully held for 6 consecutive years, covering a large Asia Pacific Business School MBA community of 100 thousand students and alumni. Over 80 schools have participated, and over 4000 MBA students and alumni joined. The Sixth Asia Pacific Business School Desert Challenge was held in May 2017, with 81 top business schools from Mainland China, Taiwan, Hongkong, Macao, Singapore, UK, and Australia advocating vision of Environmental Protection, Coordination, Persistence and Responsibility. 

UoM China Centre Presented at British Chamer Education Meeting
On Wednesday 28th of June, the last Education Meeting of the 2016-17 academic year was held in Chengdu hosted by the British Chamber Southwest China (Britcham SW). The meeting reviewed the past year’s activities and looked ahead to next year’s activities and corporations. Invited by the organizer, Ms. Sherry Fu introduced the University of Manchester China Centre and its vision to potentially launch new Executive Education courses in Southwest China. 

Mr. Chen Bing, Director of British Council, Southwest China and Mr. Richard Han, the chairman of the Britcham SW delivered speeches at the event.

As the Director of the China Centre and the at-large member of the executive committee at the British Chamber of Commerce Shanghai, Sherry reviewed previous collaborations between the Centre and the British Chamber and looked to the future of more cooperation in the education sector.

Mr. Ben Metcalf and Mr. Richard Han closed the meeting by inviting all members to enjoy the cute panda cake, celebrating the 20th Anniversary of British Business in Southwest China.

UoM China Centre, as Sherry mentioned in her speech, will continuously support Chamber events especially on the education sector, contributing the regional economy by offering world-class education programmes in Southwest China.

Centre Director 2nd Time Elected British Chamber ExCo board member
On Tuesday 23 May, the British Chamber Shanghai welcomed members to gather at the InterContinental Shanghai Pudong for the Chamber’s Annual General Meeting. During the meeting, the results of the ExCo member election was announced. UoM China Director Ms. Sherry Fu was elected ExCo board member for the 2nd time. The other members elected are James Allan, Regional Director, JLL, David Markham, Vice President Operations, East China, IHG and Tong Sun, BD & Operations Director, Hyder Consulting (Arcadis), China.

China Centre Supports Bright Eyes Project

Bright Eyes Project is an initiative from Birtish Chamber for members to improve the lives of under-privileged children in rural China. It has been an on-going effort through the refurbishment of classrooms, supplying new desks, chairs and libraries. For the past two years, the Chamber with members  have focused the support to include eye testing and, where necessary, the supply of prescription glasses. During 12th to 15th April, 2017 China centre sent a memeber of staff to join the BritCham delegation to visit Lixin County and delivered English classes to 4 ementary schools and 10 classes.


Working with the Lixin Charity Association (a fully registered NGO) and the local Lixin hospital, and with the full support of the local government, Birtish Chamber along with members have scoped the whole project with the clear aim of member engagement throughout. Using medical equipment provided by the Chamber, the eye testing were conducted by ophthalmic technicians who visited the schools on behalf of the Chamber. There are 290 primary schools in Lixin County each having approximately 300 students, of which approximately 10% will require prescription glasses. The glasses (including lenses, frames and a protective case) will last for at least two years and each child will be supplied an extra pair to allow for breakages and loss.

China Centre representatives conducted group activities with preschoolers as well as reached out to students with disabilities and provided them with additional tutoring. During the visit, toys and books have been supplied to the students. For those with impaired vision, eye-testing were arranged. Representatives were also involved in this activity to help setting up tests.

This was the first time China Centre was involved in this particular project. It has been an honour to support this collective initiative with a purpose to help children from underprivileged backgrounds.

UoM China Centre Hosts Digital Marketing Industry Talk

On Saturday 6th May, UoM China Centre invited Mr. Tiger Yang Founder and CEO at Chinapex and Mr. Hongxing Huang, CEO at Dahe Media on Digital Marketing. The two gentleman combined have both deep industry experience and profound practical knowledge in the field of Digital Marketing and media branding. The session welcomed over 40 candidates and students. 


Tiger graduated from UC  Berkley, majoring in Political  Economy. Once assisted  Chairman of U.S. Computer  Association on data calculation  and cloud analysis, Tiger was  involved in the development of  marketing analysis solution for  Microsoft. He was responsible for business development, project management and delivery from end-to-end.

Mr. Huang has 17 years of experience in marketing and media. He has been a pioneer in marketing and media field, with a deep faith in "360 degree end-to-end brand management", "brand identity" and "O2O media platform management" practices. He received Alibaba's "Annual best service provider" award and "2008 Beijing Olympics official recognition letter" award.

The session was a great success with heated discussions and exchange of ideas.
MBA Information Session in Chengdu, Chongqing and Suzhou
With students coming from diverse backgrounds and regions, China Centre has been contiously exploring market outside of Shanghai and Beijing. A series of information sessions outside of Shanghai and Beijing were held over March and April. 3 sessions were held in Suzhou on 19th, 26th and 31st of March respectively. In west China, China centre staff met candidates in Chengdu and Chongqing on 21st April and 21st May.
Centre Director Launches New Book
In addition to 'One Belt, One Road' which was a book launched in 2014 and 2015 respectively, China Centre Director Ms. Sherry Fu Launched a new book in May - 'Future Visual Diary'. It is a collection of 52 inspiring stories authored by entrepreneurs, industry pioneers and thought leaders from of various expert fields. Together with Dr. Xi Feng, Sherry co-edited the book and held book-launching events in Shanghai, Beijing and Changsha respectively.
One of the stories was a personal one to Sherry, one that tells Sherry's career journey hightling the establishment, expansion and inauguration of UoM China Centre, as well as her effort contributing to Sino-British cultural and educational cooperations.
UoM Public Lectures Open to All Professionals
Traditionally during 'workshop season', UoM China Centre hosts workshop tasters/public lectures for interested candidates, alumni and friends of the centre. During September 2016 to April 2017, there have been a total of 15 topical public lectures which welcomed 516 attending professionals. They were sessions on various management topics, including Business Strategy, Competition, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Operations Management, Negotiations, Project Management, Supply Chain, Social Media Communication, Venture Capital and etc. Let us extend our geniune gratitude towards lecturers and courses leaders of all those areas. With growing exposure on social media platforms, those public sessions have served also as a gesture of CSR that China Centre returns to the professional community in the region.
Global MBA Open Day - International Business Strategy
On Wednesday 19th April 2017, UoM China Centre invited aspiring professionals to the Manchester Global MBA workshop taster on International Business Strategy. Over 30 candidates and current students joined. It was a great opportunity to find out about the list of programme options available to study with Manchester: Manchester Global MBA, Kelley-Manchester Global MBA, and Renmin - Manchester MBA programes. The session delivered an introductory insight by Dr. Charles Schell into one of the popular Manchester Global MBA courses on International Business Strategy.
Global MBA Workshop Taster – Venture Capital & Private Equity
On Tuesday 11th April, a Workshop Taster for Venture Capital and Private Equity (VCPE), one from a wide selection of Manchester Global MBA optional modules was offered in the China centre. Venture Capital or Private Equity is a form of financing that has been emerging in the Chinese economy in recent years. Especially for smaller firms or start-up projects, the attention from venture capitalists has been widely anticipated. Some of the edgey companies such as Uber, Xiaomi and Airbnb have all received investment from venture capital. The session welcomed over 30 candidates and current students to join. 

Global MBA Workshop Taster in Suzhou– Strategic Management of Projects
Project Management ideas and practices are becoming increasingly important for organisations. On Sunday 26th March 2017, MBS China Centre held a session of discussion on Project Management, led by Ms. Alicia Arribas at Manchester Business School. The session gave a taste to the course Strategic Management of Project, which considers the management of projects and programmes across different sectors and industries. Suzhou being an industrial city, it was a perfect choice to be having this topic as there are many MNE companies setting up facilities in the city. The topic was welcomed and well-received by the audience.
Global MBA Workshop Taster – Operations Management
On Wednesday 22nd March 2017, Mr. Paul Taaffe, Visiting Fellow at Manchester Business School brought a session on Operations Management to MBA prospective students in Shanghai. "An organization may operate without 'marketing', but it can never run smoothly without good operations." The session delivered an overview of the Operations Management course on the Manchester Global MBA. Paul interacted with the audience and stimulated many interesting exchanges of ideas.
Global MBA Strategy & Competition Workshop Taster by Prof. Patrick McNutt
On Thursday 9th March 2017, UoM China Centre is excited to host an MBA taster session in Managerial Economics, especially looking into the Strategy and Competition element. Prof. Pactrik McNut teaches course on managerial economics, game theory and on ethics in business. He is engaged in research, teaching and practical consultancy with clients. Joining the session, we had candidates, students and alumni who enjoyed a great introductory session. It also led to interesting dicussions afterwards.
Global MBA Workshop Taster on Operationalizing & Communicating Value by Dr. Alison Ashton

On Wednesday 1st March, UoM China Centre invited Dr. Alison Ashton to Shanghai! Continuously being one of the most popular academic, Alison delivered an insight into Operationalising and Communicating Value (OCV), which takes an integrative approach of bringing together the two business functions of Operations and Marketing.  

Global MBA Workshop Taster - International Negotiations
The ability to effectively negotiate and communicate with people from other cultures – whether business partners or colleagues is often integral to success. It is especially true for executives based in multicultural business hubs like Shanghai. On Wednesday 15th February, UoM China Centre welcomed Professor Arun Singh, OBE FRSA to China Centre to deliver to a Taster on International Negotiations. This was a mini version of the 2-day International Negotiation sources coming up the day after the session. The session welcomed interested professionals on this influencing topic. 

Top Business School Mixer

On 24th June, AMBS alumni and Hongkong-Fudan University MBA alumni held a first joint event on careers development. It was one of the Leadership Forum series, initiated by Simon Zhou, one of AMBS alumni.  Ms. Sherry Fu, Director of the UoM China Centre, made an opening speech and welcomed the alumni from both business schools. Both schools were ranked top business schools, and she encouraged for more joint events in future. 

Simon facilitated the whole event and inspired the alumni to think over how we ever developed our career path. After an external expert were invited to address the topic, a panel discussion was held to further refresh alumni’s minds and ask how to sustain the career path, externally or internally.

During the tea break and after the event, alumni from both business schools had a casual networking and exchanged ideas. There were some alumni from Columbia Business School as well. They were impressed by the joint event and hoped to be engaged further in the future. 

First University of Manchester China Centre Alumni Education Forum

During 6th – 7th May, the First University of Manchester China Centre Alumni Education Forum was held in Shanghai. Some of AMBS alumni joined the forum, and engaged with speakers, other distinguished guests and participants to exchange ideas regarding some experimental attempts that is assertive but not aggressive in the process of moving forward China’s education sector.

The forum was held at three venues, including the UoM China Centre, the Antsplan Makerspace, and DeTao Masters Academy Group, all of which adopted innovative and experimental approach in education and made great achievements.
Branding & Marketing Innovation – Best Practice Sharing

On the 6th May, UoM China Centre invited two guests to talk about innovation in branding and marketing. The event was initiated by Marketing Club. Both companies are young but gaining increasing popularity in short time. They both established several popular brands and represent an emerging lifestyle; a new attitude towards life - happiness, health, high quality, and etc. among new generation.


Katherine, VP of Sales and Marketing, from naked Group introduced the development of naked Group, and various brands they’ve established. She mentioned funny stories around the company name. Most alumni were aware of the brands and some already tried their products varying from resorts to shared office space.

Vivienne, Founder of Shanghai WOW!, shared with alumni her career development and how she began her entrepreneurship journey. Her interests in gourmet led her passion to create services and best experiences to customers, hence her current business opportunities. She introduced how they innovatively create products and brands, and made their fame on the market.

Both companies quickly capture new and popular trends and create innovative products on the market. They both leverage most efficient channels to market. Their stories inspired our alumni and many questions were raised during Q&A session.

Leadership Forum: Essential of Outfits

On 23rd April, two external experts were invited to share with alumni on essential of outfits. The event was one of the Leadership Forum series. Alumni were impressed by how to make proper outfits in global environment, and how outfit enhanced personal image, interpersonal skills as well as leadership impact in careers. 

Big Data and Business Insight Forum

On 22nd April, our newly established alumni club – China Centre Big Data & AI Club, held its first event at the China Centre. Four external experts were invited to speak. Our senior alumni who were engaged or interested in the areas attended.

Mr. Eric Chen, who works for Microsoft and an active big data advocator, and Mr. Leopold Li, who’s Solution Architect from IKEA, introduced the core concepts of big data and its applications in organizations. They analyzed with sufficient case studies. Mr. Hong Zhang, who were from TNS and had vast experiences in marketing and financial services, explained the disruptive technologies and their impact in financial industry. Mr. Wei Chen, Dean of Guanshan Tech Institute, shared on their research works on what he quoted as ‘Insight Tech’ and its applications in various related occasions.  

The speeches were followed by heated brainstorming. Alumni felt the topics quite useful. Aries Li, Initiator of the BDAI Club, has planned the next forum to be held end of May and will invite more VIP speakers to join. 

Treasury and Tax Management of Multinational Company

On the 22nd April, UoM China Centre was delighted to invite Mr. Canny Lu, Senior Tax & Treasury Manager in Kimberly-Clark, to share with alumni on the treasury and tax management of multinational company. During the session, three topics were shared - Multinational Company vs Tax Bureau, Impact from US Tax Reform, Treasury Management of Multinational Company.

New Models in New Trend of Healthcare Industry

On 16th April, China Centre Healthcare Club organized a salon to share the topic of New Models in New Trend of Healthcare Industry. Two alumni shared their expertise – Kevin Zhou talked about 3D (digital, device and diagnosis); Yunfei Zhang shared on translational medicine. After speeches, there were intensive discussions on the two topics. The China Centre boosted the largest number of alumni engaged in healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. The Healthcare Club was the first club to be established in China Centre. 

Your Strategy Needs a Strategy

On the 15th April, Allen Mao, Initiator of China Centre Continue Study Club, shared with alumni on business strategy. Allen combined the strategy thinking from Sun's Art of War, Wu's Art of War, The Theory on War, and theories from Michael E· Porter, Clayton Christensen, as well as his own practice of strategy management, to analyze which strategy approach a company should take, whatever Fortune 500 company or SME. He concluded three main strategies: classic, innovative and adaptive strategies. Alumni were very interested in the topic and highly engaged in sharing their own opinions. 

Alumni Spoke for Study China Program

On 14th April, two of our alumni were invited to speak for a delegation of nearly 90 students from various UK universities at East China Normal University. They were in a Study China Program, coming to stay and study in China for three weeks. Most of the delegates were interested in studying or working in China in the near future. The delegation was organized by the University of Manchester.


During the event, Simon who’s our Global MBA representative spoke on working culture in China. Darren was both UoM and ECNU alumnus. He spoke on his experiences of studying abroad and coming back to work in China. We were also delighted to have invited Angela Lock, Deputy Executive Director of British Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai, as external speaker to share with the delegation on her
Inside Talent Assessment

On 12th April, the UoM China Centre invited James Morley-Kirk, a senior Business Psychologist with years of experiences in China, to talk us through the topic on Talent Assessment. Though an evening event, alumni came from distance. They were either HR professionals or non-HR but interested in individual association with the topic. Talent assessment was not a brand new product, but was not adopted as widely or correctly as it shall be, esp. in China.


James began with a definition of what talent assessment was. Then, he interpreted the topic into four sessions: Foundations, Becoming Professional, Tools, and 3 ways to improve Any selection process. During the event, there were interactive Q&As to enforce the understanding of each session. In the end, James concluded the event by asking each attendant their feedback and exchanging ideas.
Alumni Shared at ‘Wolfman’ Alumni Careers Event

On 8th April, the “Wolfman” alumni career event was successfully held at the PwC Innovation Centre. Holding a master’s degree in Economics from the Alliance Manchester Business School (AMBS), as well as Chief Business Development Officer of PwC China, Mr. Timo Lei began the topic on what ‘Wolf spirit’ was in careers development.

Timo facilitated the dialogue, raised everyday workplace issues and engaged the audiences in heated discussions. Luya Duan, a current GMBA student and China Director of the BPP Professional Education, and Rita Yu, a fresh graduate from the University of Manchester were invited as  guest speakers to share with the audiences their own paths of studies and career. The audiences also asked many interesting and inspiring questions regarding concerns and dilemmas they each faced at different stages of career and life. In the form of conversational exchange, the audiences were able to gain feedback from the speakers and receive suggestions and advice. More than 200 people attended the event and meanwhile the live broadcast of the event was viewed more than 2.5 million times.
Alumni Visited Sanpower, a Leading Chinese Conglomerate

On 7th April, Ms. Sherry Fu, Director of the UoM China Centre, led an alumni delegation to visit Sanpower, a leading Chinese conglomerate. The alumni delegation was warmly welcomed and received by Mr. Lei Yue, Senior VP of Sanpower Group. A Memorandum of Understanding between the Alliance Manchester Business School and Sanpower, to enter into a mutually beneficial partnership in the attraction, development and retention of Sanpower’s talent pool, was signed on the day.

The delegation was guided to the exhibition hall and demonstration rooms. They got an overview of the development and business strategy of whole group. Afterwards, our alumni also got a chance to have a meeting with Mr. Yue and his team. It was an enjoyable afternoon. Our alumni were impressed by the fast development of this indigenous Chinese company and its overseas strategy.

A closer observation of a great company gave alumni a unique chance to go inside and gave an insightful overview. A talk with senior leaders of a great company was also inspiring. 

B2B Marketing

On 18th March, China Centre Continue Study Club held an event on B2B (Business to Business) marketing.  Our alumni engaged in marketing accounts for a large percentage. Mr. Allen Mao, Initiator of China Centre Continue Study Club, opened the event by introducing the club and its development.

After a casual self-introduction among alumni, Lisa and Gate, two of our alumni shared their knowledge and experiences on this topic.  Live broadcasting was adopted so that alumni not able to present were able to watch it live or by playback.

The club’s mission is to lead and encourage alumni to continue study by teaching each other, or discussing together; explore a way to use what have been learnt to management practices.

2016 China Pharma Review

On 13th March, China Centre Healthcare Club organized its first club event of this year. Lisa Sun, who’s our MBA alumna and Sales Director of QuintilesIMS China, shared with alumni the topic 2016 China Pharma Review.

Ms. Sherry Fu, Director of the UoM China Centre, kicked off the event by welcoming all coming alumni and updated on the development of the Centre and the university. It was followed up by Ms. Shelley Lai, current President of the China Centre Healthcare Club. She gave a brief introduction of the Club’s committee members, mission and vision.

With a solid knowledge and vast experiences in pharma industry, Lisa took all alumni in retrospect of the past year of 2016. Though rising incomes, improving healthcare infrastructure, and enhanced insurance systems have propelled the Chinese pharmaceutical market to become the second-largest in the world, China pharmaceutical market slowed down and saw a single-digit growth in 2016. The event lasted till late as alumni had heated discussions on various questions.

The Club has a plan to hold at least four club events in this year, to serve as a business and educational platform for our alumni in the life science industry.

Alumni Afternoon Tea – Business School Outdoor League Awards Ceremony

On 12th March, China Centre organized an afternoon tea session with our alumni outdoor sports club.  Karl Florczak and Robert Hoare from the school in Manchester were also present. Yunfei represented the club to look back the past and look forward to the future. Ms. Sherry Fu, Director of China Centre, congratulated our alumni for their outstanding performances

Sherry spoke highly of the recent achievements in both the Business School Outdoor League and Asian Business School Dessert Competition. Especially the former, though the first time to join, our alumni got three awards, namely: a Champion and a second place for individual awards, and a Champion for a team award. Timo Lei, President of SORSA UoM Alumni Association and Chief Business Development Officer of PwC, also a fan of outdoor sports, shared his experiences and encouraged more alumni to participate in the outdoor sports. Mr. Xing, founder of a leading outdoor sports company, was also present and offered to support our alumni in the future.

The afternoon tea concluded with an impressive sightseeing down the Huangpu River on a yacht. 

Crisis in Economics and Economics in Crisis by Dr. Srinivas Yanamandra

On 12th March 2017, Dr. Srinivas Yanamandra, DBA alumnus of Alliance Manchester Business School, was invited to give our alumni a speech on Crisis in Economics and Economics in Crisis. Dr. Yanamandra is a qualified accountant by management qualification, and has 16 years of post-qualification experience in bank governance and regulation.

The Global Financial Crisis of 2007 caused a huge financial and economic loss to lots of countries. During the session, Dr. Yanamandra introduced the mainstream economics before and in the context of global financial crisis, and then the changes that are occurring in economic thinking post the financial crisis. He also introduced the main changes on financial institutions and management education. In the end, Dr. Yanamandra summed up the whole speech by one very useful slide (shown below).
Alumni & Careers Induction session for 2017 Jan Intake Students

On 11th March, the UoM China Centre organized an alumni & careers induction session for 2017 January intake students. During the session, Ms. Sherry Fu, Director of the UoM China Centre welcomed all the students and encouraged them to take part in & contribute to the future alumni events.

Roya Zhang, in charge of the External Relations in China, gave a detailed introduction about the alumni and careers services. They realized the MBA study was not just about academic learning but also social networking and how to put knowledge into practical use. Students were interested in knowing previous alumni activities and various clubs & groups, and passionate to join and contribute in the future.
A Visit to PwC Innovation Centre

On 8th March 2017, Ms. Sherry Fu, Director of the UoM China Centre and SORSA UoM Alumni Association members celebrated the International Women’s Day by visiting PwC Innovation Centre. Timo Lei, President of SORSA UoM Alumni Association, is the Chief Business Development Officer of PwC.

Senior officials from SORSA were also present. Timo guided the visiting delegation and introduced on the purpose and functions of the Centre. An upcoming alumni event on Innovation and Entrepreneurship was already in plan. It will be co-organized by the UoM China Centre and SORSA.   After the tour, the third SORSA UoM Alumni Association Committee meeting was held at the Centre. How to better collaborate with all stakeholders and various topics on upcoming alumni events plan were  discussed.
Top Business School Mixer

On 2nd March 2017, the University of Manchester China Centre, Wharton Business School alumni association and SHMBA co-organized an event entitled Location is Everything, on e-commerce and digital marketing. E-commerce and digital marketing are transforming retailing industry and consumers' behavior in every way. The speech was delivered by Professor Bell, who’s the author of “Location is Still Everything-The Surprising Influence of the Real World on How We Search, Shop, and Sell in the Virtual One”.  Alumni from different business schools raised questions and shared their views.

Centre Staff Participated in Fundraising Walkathalon
On 13th May, 12 members of Centre staff and alumni joined a charity walkathalon. It was an annual event launched by Shanghai United Foundation in 2011 to raise fund from public for children from migrant workers' family background. The 2017 event welcomed over 1000 teams, from which vovolunteers need to walk 50 kilometres and finish within 12 hours as well as reach the fund-raising target of RMB 22,000 per group.


Out of the 12 members of Centre staff and alumni who joined the walkathon, all 12 members completed 20KM and 5 finished the whole distance of 50KM. It raised public awareness of the charity initiative through posting related articles and photos on corporate and inidividual social media accounts. The 22,000 fund-raising target was hit and outperformed by RMB 1,000. China centre staff was interviewed by the organiser and excitedly shared geniue remarks on participating in a charity event of this kind.

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