Director's Message

While heading to an anticipated summer holiday, it is fortunate that our Centre and the Shanghai City has been recovered from a major lock-down caused by re-outbreak of Covid-19.


It is proud to say that China Centre has always adhered to University’s core strategic goal of social responsibility, despite the suspension of offline operation for more than 2 months. During the pandemic, the UoM China Centre and UoM Shanghai Alumni Association hosted a series of online events promoting the wellbeing of our community via the MCloud platform, attracting more than 10,000 viewers. 


We are also exceptionally glad that we hosted an on-site welcome event for the new intake of our Global MBA students, as well as a farewell ceremony for our recent graduates. It is another fresh start, and also a cherished reunion. Despite the uncertainties ahead under the normalization of the pandemic, we feel confident that our students could still benefit from a world-class tertiary education via our matured online/blended learning system that was constantly developed by UoM for decades.


To echo the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the UK, UoM China Centre celebrates our identity as a pioneer of people-to-people diplomacy in the region. By supporting major events including The British Business Awards 2022 and ESG China Awards 2022, we are committed to promote the sustainable development of Chinese and British community.


I would like to thank our students, alumni, partners for their great support during this unforgettable spring. We look forward to a bright and prosperous semester ahead of us!


Sherry Fu

Regional Director

The University of Manchester

2022 “Manchester Day of Action” Successfully Held in China

On Saturday, 18th June 2022, more than 500 University of Manchester alumni, students, staff and their friends joined the 2022 “Manchester Day of Action”, “Purple Wave” Chinese Alumni Online Running Event. This event echoes the theme of “Purple Wave” in Manchester, which can be joined online anytime (18th June 2022) and anywhere.

Ms Sherry Fu, director of the UoM China Centre, joined by Centre staff participated in the "Happy Running" in Shanghai, which can raise funds for charitable organization to spread over UoM love.

A Retrospect of the UoMers' Stories during the Pandemic in Shanghai

Over more than two months of the pandemic in Shanghai, the seasons have changed from Spring to Summer. During the pandemic, the UoM China Centre and UoM Shanghai Alumni Association hosted a series of online events via the Mcloud platform, to promote the well-being of students and alumni community.


These series of live-streaming events have attracted more than 10,000 viewers. 

UoM China Centre Hosted 2022 Summer Graduation Reception

On 23rd July, The University of Manchester China Centre hosted a graduation reception for 2022 Manchester Global MBA graduates and Tongji-Manchester MBA graduates.

More than 40 graduates joined the ceremony with excitement and joy. 

Welcome Event for GMBA July 22 Intake Hosted at UoM China Centre

On 13 July 2022, a new intake of Manchester Global Part-time MBA students was welcomed by the China Centre team at the start of their two-year MBA journey. The welcome event for the Global MBA July 2022 intake kicked off online and face-to-face. 

The cohort comprises MBA candidates from diverse industry backgrounds, including biotech, technology, finance, retail, manufacturing, consulting, FMCG and more. The candidates have an average of 6 to 23 years of work experience.

UoM China Centre Empowers Employee Engagement in ESG Campaign of the Year

This May, ESG China Awards 2022 is launched, aiming to recognise and promote excellence from companies that have make a positive ESG impact in China.

The University of Manchester China Centre is proud to support this awards programme and sponsor the Employee Engagement ESG Campaign of the Year Award. The ESG Awards is initiated by the British Chamber of Commerce Shanghai.

Adhering to The University of Manchester’s strategic core goal, UoM China Centre has been endeavored to make contribution to positive ESG impact in China. Last year, UoM China Centre was the academic supporter of the Sustainability & ESG Business Summit.


UoM Retains Top 2% in the Latest QS World University Rankings

The University of Manchester has been named the world's 28th best University and maintains its position as the 6th best institution in the United Kingdom according to the newest QS World University Rankings announced on Wednesday, 8 June.

This means that the University performed among the top 2% of the QS. This year's rankings included 1422 institutions from 100 different locations worldwide, with 90 from the UK alone. The rankings are based on several different indicators including the breakdown of more than 16 million research publications.

This year, the University has also been awarded another prize by QS in "Recognition of Internationalisation". The new award shows that Manchester has a diverse international staff and student community, with 21% of staff members being classed as international and over 18,000 international students from more than 170 countries.

Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021 Confirmed The University of Manchester's Position as a Research Powerhouse

The University of Manchester's position as a research powerhouse has been confirmed in the results of the 2021 Research Excellence Framework (REF).


Here are some key results

  • We have retained fifth place for research power1.
  • Overall, 93% of the University’s research activity was assessed as ‘world-leading’ (4*) or ‘internationally excellent’ (3*).
  • We ranked in 10th place in terms of grade point average2 (an improvement from 19th in the previous exercise, REF 2014).
  • The Times Higher Education places us even higher at eighth on GPA (up from 17th place), as their analysis excludes specialist HE institutions.
  • In the top three nationally for nine subjects (Unit of Assessment by grade point average or research power).

The University of Manchester China Centre - Alumni Referral Scheme

To recognise and reward alumni and current students who share their experiences and benefits of undertaking study with The University of Manchester, our Centre provide a series of benefits to alumni who encourage a prospective student to enroll in our online/blended-learning courses at China Centre.

New Online PGCert Course: Entrepreneurship Starts in this September

Alliance Manchester Business School and The Masood Entrepreneurship Centre developed an online PGCert Entrepreneurship Course. Through this PGCert, you will gain fundamental business knowledge and skills relevant to enterprise and entrepreneurship, enabling you to contribute to innovation and change in any environment. You'll develop an appreciation of potential value, including personal, social, environmental and economic aspects, from effectively identifying, creating, developing and exploiting opportunities.

Alumni Event: Healthcare Industry Insight Talk

On the evening of 13th July 2022, Alumni Event Healthcare Industry Insight Talk was successfully held at The University of Manchester China Centre. After the welcome ceremony of The Manchester Global MBA July 2022 Intake, over 1100 guests joined the insight talk both from online and offline to discuss the development trend of health technology and its application in the local market.

Dr. Jian Li, Global MBA Alumni, the principal of Health Business, Amazon Greater China and Mr. Timothy Johns, COO, Global Health Group shared information about digital therapeutics and preview of Dragonboat investment digital health market report.


UoM MA Educational Leadership in Practice: Dialogue with Our Current Student

On the evening of 23rd June, The University of Manchester China Centre has invited our current student of MA Educational Leadership in Practice course: Mr. Simon Jacobs, Head of Primary at Wycombe Abbey School Changzhou, for an interactive online dialogue to share his industrial insights and learning experience. 

During the session, Mr. Jacobs shared his inspiration of choosing the course, as well as unforgettable moments and major growth during his 2 year-part master journey. As a student of online / blended course, he specifically expressed his appreciation to the helpful assistance from UoM China Centre Student support team at Shanghai. 

Finance Career Impact Session: Dialogue with the Big Four

On the afternoon of 17th June Friday, The University of Manchester China Centre, alongside CIMA North Asia hosted Career Impact Session online for over 200 finance professionals online.


During the session, senior CIMA member, Ms. Terri Wang, Partner of PwC, and Alliance MBS alumnus Mr. Timo Lei, Co-Founder/Boarder Director/CFO/CDO of Wufeng Technology shared some of the Pros and Cons of the Big 4 experience and illustrated how to plan professional development in a positive manner with a focus on finance sector.

Global MBA Alumni Sharing: Set out on Global Career Path

On the evening of 10th June, The University of Manchester China Centre invited two Manchester Global MBA Alumni, Grace Liu and Stefan Hiergeist for an interactive Manchester Global MBA Alumni sharing session. During the session, the guest speakers shared their wide range of experiences on the programme, their backgrounds and how the programme took their career to a global context.

Manchester Global MBA Alumni Sharing by Aileen Wei – Entrepreneurship in Sustainable Beauty Industry

On 8th June, UoM China Centre has invited the founder of SAFONE and Alumna of the Manchester GMBA — Ms Alieen Wei to share her stories of creating the sustainable beauty brand, insights into the future trend of beauty industry and suggestions to women who want to start their own business.

MBA Industry Talk - The Future Strategy and Trend of E-commence after COVID-19

On the evening of 6th June, China Centre hosted an MBA industry talk on the future strategy and trend of E-commence, hoping to provide insight of digital marketing after COVID-19. The talk was welcomed by Centre director Ms. Sherry Fu and delivered by two distinction GMBA graduates Mr. Andy Qi, CMO of a Digital Marketing startup and Mr. Bruce Liu, the co-founder of Ofashion.

Manchester Global MBA Alumni Sharing – HR Spotlight Session

On the afternoon of 14th May, China Centre hosted Global MBA alumni panel with a focus on HR trends joined by four of our Global MBA alumni who have profound professional experience in HR management and talent development across different industries.


The session highlighted future HR trends to help working professionals to stay competitive in the workplace in the post-pandemic era. Our alumni revealed the latest insights, best practices and recommended actions for working professionals to build up core skill-set and knowledge in the future.


Our Global MBA alumni also reflected on their MBA experiences and discussed the impact the programme has had on their careers while sharing their motivations for choosing the Manchester Global MBA.

Manchester Global MBA Career Workshop: How to Manage Up?

On the afternoon of 22nd April Friday, the University of Manchester China Centre hosted a career webinar, inviting Mr. Tiger Qiao, Manchester Global MBA alumnus, Doctoral Candidate of DBA programme in Alliance Manchester Business School, to share his best practical advice for navigating this important dynamic to help working professionals to understand their line manager and boss.


During the session, Mr. Tiger Qiao provided his insights for business professionals to understand their supervisors from the below perspective:

  • Innie or Outie?
  • Work style Personality
  • Micromanagement style
  • Decision Pattern


Tiger also shared his own experience in his management role and pointed out that: “No matter what type of supervisor you have, there are some skills that are universally important. The skillset of "Managing Up" in essential to frame your career path, assess the current business situation and understand how to tailor your management strategies accordingly."

China Centre Supported Live-streaming of the President's Virtual Reception

On the evening of 11th April, China Centre’s live-streaming platform M-cloud successfully supported the Virtual Reception to East and Southeast Asia, hosted by Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell, President & Vice-Chancellor of The University of Manchester. This event was a celebration of ‘The Power of Networking’ and the many ways in which alumni enrich the student experience and support those who've recently graduated. More than 750 further participants have watched the live on Mcloud platform.

Virtual Gallery - Stressful and Unpredictable Times

On the evening of 19th June-Father's Day, the 2nd session of Virtual Art Gallery and Talk was hosted by Mr Simon Zhou, GMBA alumnus at the University of Manchester, and joined by Mr John Coppola, an artist and educator from New York City, who will share How Studying Art Can Help in Stressful and Unpredictable Times and celebrate Father's Day together in a different way.

Virtual Gallery for Children’s day

On 1st June evening, a lovely virtual gallery was organised for young audience to celebrate the International Children’s Day. This event was hosted by Mr Simon Zhou, GMBA alumnus at the University of Manchester, joined by Ms Jianming Xu who is a writer, translator, and curator of Japanese Culture.

Industry Insights from the Metaverse Era

The topic of Metaverse has been a hot topic in China nowadays.

On 15th May 2022, Industry Insights from the Metaverse Era was hosted. Experts from the field of Technology, Cognitive Science and Law was invited by UoM China Centre to share their insights and business opportunities on Metaverse, and joined the discussion with our GMBA alumni and current students online. 

How Can Art Promote Mental Health during Lockdown

On 8th May 2022, GMBA alumnus Simon Zhou and Mr John Coppola, an artist and educator from New York City, hosted a sharing of how art can promote mental health during lockdown and let the audiences learn how to maintain a good relationship state of mind by viewing artworks. 

Strategies for Motivation and Resilience in Lockdown

On 23rd April 2022, Mr Terence H Clarke, British executive coach and business owner was invited to share his strategies of motivation and resilience in lockdown. This event helped many struggling people who needed strategies to handle negative emotions to maintain their well-being. 

Mental Health under Lockdown, Reconciliation with Negative Feeling

The COVID has affected so many people’s careers, love and family. The spread and persistence of the COVID have plunged many people into anxiety and panic. Mental health during lockdown is an essential topic for everyone.

On 20th April 2022, Dr Guo Feng, UoM SEED alumnus, gave a lecture on mental health under lockdown and reconciliation with negative feelings and tried to find ways for the participants to deal with adverse emotions such as stress and anxiety during the pandemic.

Dialogue between Chen WU, Editor in Chief of The Economist China and UoM Alumnus Simon ZHOU

Covid-19's global infection has subverted the way of national governance, enterprise economic operation and personal communication, and innovated people's inherent cognition. People in all over the world deeply want to ask: what will the future of human society look like? Where should the world go? How should individuals in the workplace deal with the future of work?


On 16th April 2022, the Economist China Editor in Chief Chen Wu was invited to discuss the future of the economy, education, and technological innovation by sharing the new book Beyond VUCA: A Long-Term Thinking in The Uncertain Era.


UoM China Industry Talk on Organizational Dynamics - Hybrid Work and Global HR Prediction

From 2020 to 2022, the difference of one number or one word indicates the similarities of the past three years. In today's "Work from home" has become the norm, how to carry out daily work more efficiently? With the upgrading of enterprise operation pressure, where will human resource management go?


On 15th April 2022, Simon Zhou, a GMBA alumnus, together with MS Weimin Tang and MS Wen Cui, innovatively combined the current situation of working from home in the pandemic and helped participants identify the difficulties caused by working from home and offered some possible solutions.

How to Maintain Well-being in a Lock-down

On the evening of 13th April, China Centre hosted the third Lockdown Live-streaming event on well-being, which provided in-time guidance for Global MBA students and alumni at this special time.

Mr Rick Xu, who is an expert of Full Engagement in China with more than 20 years’ experience in MNCs, analyzed the topic from 4 perspectives: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual. This event has attractive over 1,000 page views from the online audience.