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New Global MBA launched with Renmin Business School
UKTI's British Education Demo Class delivered by Prof. Elaine Ferneley
Kelley - Manchester MBA Programme Launched
Sherry talks with HE the British ambassador on Sino-UK relations
China Centre Signed MoUs with 2 major cooperations
Centre Strengthens Partnership with FESCO Adecco
China Centre welcomed a new group of Manchester Global MBA
Centre welcomed 7th intake for Tongji – Manchester Global MBA
Global MBA Students graduated in Manchester July 2016
Open Lecture delivered by Prof. Kevin Jagiello at Unilever
Total Design – the Collaboration of Artists and Engineers
Graduation Celebration held in Centre
Big Data Open Lecture by Prof. Nikolay Mehandjiev
Marketing Strategies by Dr. Alison Ashton
Managerial Economics by Mr. Paul Patton
Project Management by Prof. Graham Winch
Negotiation Skills by Mr. Malcolm Smiths
Global MBA students achieved new record for 2016 Asia Pacific Desert Challenge Competition
1st Alumni Leadership Forum
GMBA Students Won Yixing Business School Outdoor League China Competition
Dialogue with Former CFO of Bright Food Group on Strategic Thinking and Negotiation Skills
Digital Marketing Practice in Modern Business
Innovative Information Technology Forum
China Alumni Suzhou Honlilion Company Visit
China Alumni Beijing Microsoft Company Visit
Shanghai Daily - Manchester Business School eyes greater role in global market
Sherry Fu speaks on China Business School Enterprise and Innovation Summit 2016
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Global MBA students achieved new record for 2016 Asia Pacific Desert Challenge Competition

2016 marks the 3rd consecutive year that Manchester Global MBA students have taken part in the Asia Pacific MBA Dessert Challenge. Over 70 business schools participated in this year’s challenge. Number of participants exceeded 1500. MBS students finished the race with a new record, celebrating the best performance to date. 

During the 70 kilometers outdoor challenge, a total of 23 members took part, 12 of which officially competed, 2 worked as reporters, 9 are supporting team members. 
Over the course of 3 days, the weather has been extremely changeable. On the first day, the MBAs were greeted by sudden drop of temperature followed by complex stormy conditions. It is a test of physic and endurance. The following day was no less challenging, with strong winds and continuous drop of temperature. On the early morning of the third day, the tents went frozen when the temperature reached icy low level.

MBS has brought the most international team to Dessert Challenge 2016. The average age for MBS participants was 35, well exceeded the overall average age for the competition. Not only did they achieve the best record so far, they also formed the most international team. Coming to join the team, they had three students travelled all the way from Singapore.

Among MBS students, they balance personal life, career, study and physical training all together. There are career/industry-focused groups as well as interest-oriented groups such as marathon and outdoor activities established by students.

One of the merits shared by MBS students and alumni is the love for challenges. They challenge themselves by taking an MBA to take career to the next level, just like they enjoy the challenges physically and mentally brought by outdoor activities.

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