Launch of new system for Careers Development – Symplicity & Employability Skills & Industry Insight Webinars

A very warm welcome
from the Postgraduate Careers team, you are receiving this message as we are re-launching the services we provide to our Global MBA students through our new careers portal - Symplicity. Most of you shall already get the launch news these days. We are sending the news again via your emails, in case you do not receive. Whatever stage you are at on your MBA journey with Alliance Manchester Business School we aim to provide you with a comprehensive set of services to support you in your career aspirations. We aim to do this in two main ways; 

  • Providing you with the tools and techniques to navigate the external labour market if you are looking to make a move, or help you develop internally within your current employer.
  • Help you improve your knowledge of different sectors and functions globally through a range of online materials and inputs from experts in the field. 

Our suite of workshops, webinars and online materials enable you to develop the tools and acquire the knowledge you need to maximise your MBA experience, alongside 1:1 careers guidance where needed to provide you with an individualised service.

Our platform will enable us to communicate with you on a regular basis, allow you to access our various materials, book an appointment, review what events are happening around the world that you may be able to attend and review external job posting through resources such as MBA Exchange.


Please do take the time to register and complete your profile on the careers platform to make the most of the services we offer. Any questions please feel free to contact us on: 

Please find below the current list of webinars. They are already listed in your Symplicity account. In order to join these you must access via the Careers Platform and register to obtain the GoToWebinar details:



March 1st : 1pm

Identifying your skill set –   what are your USP’s?  Workshop 1

March 3rd : 1pm & 6pm

Consulting employment trends, workshop 1

March 10th : 1pm

Identifying your skill set –   what are your USP’s?  Workshop 2

March 17th : 1pm & 6pm

Banking & Finance Masterclass – Talking the   Talk: Structural impact

March 24th : 1pm

Building your network - Online   & Offline

March 31st : 1pm & 6pm

Banking & Finance Masterclass – Talking the   Talk: Cultural impact

April 6th : 1pm

Tools for the Market – Making   your CV stand out

April 14th : 1pm & 6pm  

Consulting employment trends, workshop 2

April 21st :1pm

Tools for the Market –   Creative cover letters

 We look forward to working with you and being part of your MBA experience.

Roya Zhang
Alumni & Careers Development, China Centre
+86 21 62798660 *5387

Note: you are encouraged to ‘attend’ the webinars. But if the time is inconvenient, you will be able to view the webinars in your own time via the Resource Library some time later in Symplicity: ie the meeting slides, a recording, podcast and other resources.

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