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On Oct. 23rd (Tuesday), the University of Manchester China Centre has invited Professor Ken McPhail, Deputy Head of Alliance Manchester Business School (AMBS) , Research Director & Chair in Accounting to deliver a talk to alumni on “What Role Should Business Play in Society?”:

“The whole area around understanding business, and understanding the accountability around those businesses, is going to become more significant. At a global level we are still trying to think through how corporations operate across different states, countries and nationalities. We need to think about how we govern those organisations and how we want them to be responsible.”

                                                       -- Professor Ken McPhail


10月23日(星期二),曼城斯特大学中国中心邀请到重磅嘉宾--曼彻斯特商学院副院长Ken McPhail教授,研究主任兼会计系主任与校友们探讨商业在社会中所扮演的重要角色:

"了解商业及其所承担的责任将变得更加重要。在全球层面, 我们仍在努力思考企业如何在不同的州、国家和民族之间运作。我们需要考虑如何管理这些组织, 以及我们希望他们如何承担责任。"

--Ken McPhail教授

Date and Time 日期和时间: 

Oct. 23rd 10月23日    
Tuesday 星期二晚     

5:30 - 6:00
Registration and Reception

6:00 - 7:30
Dean's talk, followed by networking, light food & drinks provided  

Venue 地点:

The University of Manchester China Centre 曼城斯特大学中国中心

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English 英文

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Speaker Introduction 讲者介绍:

Ken is currently Vice Dean for Social Responsibility within the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Manchester. Ken oversees the strategic development and implementation of the University's distinctive social responsibility agenda across 5 schools, 36 disciplines, 18,000 students and 1,800 academic and support staff.

现任曼城斯特大学人文系的社会责任副院长,Ken 负责大学特色社会责任议程的策略化发展及执行,涵盖了5所学院、36个学科、1.8万个学生及1800名学术和工作人员。


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